Thursday, 4 July 2013

Psychopomp II: Bunny Love: Thoughts and Interior art

We are finally done with BunnyBunnychan! Now it's on the hands of the printer, so let us rejoice and hope that everything comes out perfectly! *HOPES*

For those that don't know yet (how come you don't  know? I talk about it all the time!) Bunny Love is the second volume of Gutter's collection of anthologies, "Psychopomp". The first one was Fantastic Baby, a fantasy-themed anthology. This one is Bunny Love, an erotica anthology.

It's a naughty child!

Or more like a traumatized, sexy, turbulent, passionate child. As the first volume, it features both short stories (for which I did some art thingies, which you can see beloooow) and comics, plus a wonderfully beautiful gallery of pretty.

Yes, it's THAT pretty.

Also, it's a big step from the first volume. We were five artists+writers on the first book. Now we are sixteen. From 140+ pages we went to 150+. And we were able to cover most of the printing costs thanks to crowd funding (and for *that* I will love you all forever. Your support is the one that allows us to keep on fightiiiing!), which I had always wanted to try. Thank youuuu.

You know, now that I am talking with more art-related people, I've been getting the "where can I find your work? where have you published things?" question more often. To which I answer that, well, I've self-published a lot (a loooooooooooooot) and there are some thingies by me in some OMGOTH awesome projects I was invited to take part of. 

Because, well, with the years I've learnt that I just love doing this. The whole "making the book". Putting it together, seeing it come to liiiiife. There's so much freedom and magick and wonderfulness in that. And the "come play with us in our book, lookie, here you have this many pages and a theme, go wild!", which I also enjoy.

I was also told, by some, how people overlook self-published things. To that... well, I really don't give a damn o.o Why are we thinking and talking so much when all the guts-instinct is saying "go this waaaaay"? Gogogogogo!

Putting so much care and effort into making something grow is too much fun, plus an awesome learning experience. All the lack of sleep, back ache and drama? All the mistakes? pfft, that's just comes with the job. There's so much I've learnt on each project I was a part of, so much I've learnt on this book, that will be seen on the next, as if to care about external noise.

I really *really* hope you enjoy it one it's out! ^_^ It's been fun. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013



Sesshomaru, for the Jornadas del Manga y el Ánime, 2013 winter edition. 
Made in SAI, edited in Photoshop.

(and the w.i.p.)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Fanart Friday: Storrrrm

Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm, for Fanart Friday

Work in progress of Sesshomaru, for the Jornadas' Rumiko-themed Exhibition

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Fanart Friday

1. Rainbow Brite
2. Jaws
3. Loras Tyrell
4. Mazinger Z
5. Draco Malfoy