• why do you write in English when you are from Argentina?
        This is the question I get the most, isn't it weird? Because I'm bilingual and I got used to writing in English when online. Nothing in particular against Spanish, feel free to talk to me in either! 
  • when or how does Gomorra finishes?
         I'm not telling. IT'S A SECRET TO PLAGUE YOU ALL WITH! mwahahahaha! *loses a lung*
  • if I stalk you and spam you to death will you finish it sooner?
        No. And it's very likely I'll get angry o.o It's very flattering that people still love that story as much as I do, and it's really nice to know that, but it's not nice to get threats nor spam. Be nice, people shall be nice in return!
  • Will you draw this awesome script for me?
       Ok. This is tricky, because I write myself and can't draw more than one or two scripts at the same time. As basics, I only work with other people as artist if: 1. the project is serious 2. I really like the script and feel my art would work with it. Number 2 is a must. So, if you still want to ask (I do appreciate it when people want to see their stories with my art, thanks for considering me!), do take into account these two points before doing so. 

  • Can I commission you to make this illustration for me?
       You can! Just check the commissions info and we'll start from there :)
  • Draw this for me for free now! Do as I saaaaay!
       No o.o. Remember: Be nice and others will be nice in return.

  • Will you work with me on this? Want to join us doing...?
      It really depends on the project, but I do like having fun with other people, so feel free to ask (and add details! details!)