Open Call

Open call time!

Just thought it would be easier to have all the info together in one place ^^ In case you haven't seen it all over the blog, Gutter Glitter (the small press project I am the diktator of) has an anthology that we publish every six months, more or less. It's divided by genre, first one was Fantasy, second one (and current, for which the open call is for) is Erotica. Most of the book is taken by the in-house artists/writers and our OMGOTH amaziiiiiing guest artists, but there are some pages we are keeping open for, well, this :D

So if anyone wants to send you stuff for us to see, this is your chance!

Open Call Specs:
En español
In English

our e-mail: info(at)gutterglitter(dot)net.


Extra details:

1. Black and white means that you can use all the grey shades of the grey-rainbow as well. "black-as many grey shades as you wish-white" (the printing house we work with is pretty good ^_^)
2. The material can be sexually explicit, or not. This is not a determining factor, more like, if you want to (and the story needs it in case of comics or prose), then go ahead - meaning you can draw people having sex, and their sexual organs, without a need to censor them.
3. I don't care about the gender of the characters nor about their sexual orientation. So no limits there either. I focus more on how visually and aesthetically interesting something is than about things like this. 

Psychopomp I piccies, to see how the book would more or less look like when done:
and here


Any questions, just ask!  

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