comic books 
  • Gomorra. (Midgar Studio)
  • Scared of Girls: Sketchbook. (Moirae) 
  • Scared of Girls I. (Moirae)
  • Freakshow. (Moirae )
  • Sedna 
  • Berwick 17 
  • Brauronian (you can download it for free in English here)
  • Psychopomp I: Fantastic Baby (Riot of the Lambs)

illustrated stories:
  • Gomorra: Sadomasochism. (Midgar Studio)
pin ups and collabs:
  • Pin up for Belicosa's Gatchaman book
  • Pin up for "The God Machine", by Spooky Chan (Archaia)
  • Pin up for "Awakening Vol.2" by Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn (Archaia)
  • Pin up for "Cuentos para (no leer) antes de ir a dormir" by Beli (Paganus)
  • Comic for Powerfull (a punk zine. done a long, long, long time ago)
  • Illustration for Revolutionart Magazine (for their "Space" issue)
  • colour for Jackie Tapalansky's pin up for "Shadowgirls"
  • Illustration and pin up for revista PROXIMA
  • Cover for "Anuraidh", by Lucila Quintana 
  • 1st Finalist, Concurso de Manga 2009 (Ed. Norma)
  • still tracking them down o.o
art shows
  • (2008)
  • Larvae (2008)
  • Proyecto TC (muestra colectiva, Axel Hotel. 2009)
  • Urban Draw (con Mako-Fufu, Axel Hotel. 2009)
street art and interventions
  • Tarot BA (Collective work. 2009)
  • Shakespearean Chairs (coordinator. 2010)
  • Street Arte BA 5th Live Session. Faena Art District, Puerto Madero (Collective work. 2010)