Monday, 18 May 2009


*insert bgm*

The battle royale is spreading!

y ahora le tiré un guante a paganus o.o Beli ya lo levantó, aww ^-^

current fighters:

gretel d.
devota de la luna
leandro silva

+ MOIRAE (self-publishing) BATTLE +

la batalla consiste en realizar una publicación para mediados de julio. Se puede pedir ayuda a otras personas, pero el proyecto y el proceso creativo en si tienen que ser individuales.
Dicho esto...

Reglas de buena voluntad:

1. No bad feelings hacia el que gane. May the best trompo (publicación) win!

2. El sabotaje está absolutamente prohibido. Este es un battle royale de amoool, amoool!

3. No more rules. GO FOR THE NECK!!! FOR THE NECK!!!

*.* RAWR!

(I'll make them cry blood!BLOOD I TELL YOU! MWAHAHAHHAHAHA)


Miss. Belial said...

Aww ^^, claro que lo iba a hacer!

Chicas, les prometo con todo el amor del mundo que me voy a empeñar en reducirlas a trizas ♥

gretel d. morgan said...

^-^ I expect nothing less

*flares her kosumo*

Cesar Pereyra said...

The bells are ringing, the clocks are ticking... the flames are burning inside, yearning for a way out... Creation is the cosmic energy flowing through our blood, whispering shapes lost in the spiraling Universe... Being true to that voice is a sacred duty to those enlighted by the gift of the Highest Being, not hearing to his subtle message is to condemn yourself to meaningless existence....

gretel d. morgan said...

... and thus, the life force known as Serge, has ceased to exist? o.o

Cesar Pereyra said...

If life and death are parts of a circle of creation and recreation, no existence should be considered lost forever. His walk upon this earth shall be remembered for those touched by his grace, moved by his words, amazed by his stance... Remember Kamina? Those bold tattoos and those extrange glasses changed the life of many, even after his death. This book I hold in my hands, was written long ago for a person who is no longer between us. Even so, his words are so alive, talking directly to my soul, moving my spirit, even making my body take action. Would you say this person is... dead?

But you can say more. Even among the living, there is an invisible flow, an unspoken connection, a certain exchange, taking place in a level not open to normal senses. This bond has been called many names. Cosmic Energy, Universal Conscience, Karma, Divine Light, Gods Will, Lifestream... This bond has no words to be called by, has no rational explanation... This bond is what keep us going... This bond is what has brought all of us together...

Chrono´s Serge? He is certainly at my side right now :D

.Ann said...

*walks, looks down at the glove, looks back up, keeps walking*

So sorry, pero no me dan los tiempos ni los humores para aceptar el desafio.
My cabeza es un total desastre, y prioridades son prioridades *estudios*. El mundo sigue agregando eventos en Julio...en Julio tengo finales, dammit! ;_;

gretel d. morgan said...

Todo bien ^-^ Next time!! (si, en julio se acumuló todo o.o)

Cesar Pereyra said...

yo iba a participar con el guion de lud! vale un tandem? o es stand alone fight? porque si es asi, I m already out! prefiero concentrarme en una sola cosa (son tiempos un tanto complicados...)

gretel d. morgan said...

podes usar el guion de lud

*keeps on training for teh battle con the eye of the tiger como bgm*

Devota de la Luna said...

...el tiempo es tirano, pero se ara lo posible.