Monday, 2 August 2010

Come one, come all

Started writing a (maybe) little experimental novella/novel/short story/the powers that be know what it is. When it comes to its real shape, I have absolutely no idea what it will be considering it has started, thus the experimental (and not because I think I am being particularly original about its undefined format, I find my writing totally traditional and I am personally quite fond of the start-middle-end, that's all, bye bye so long sort of thing)

The characters so far will include my additions to the Freakshow sketchbook (Istvan, the Ringleader and maybe the Dog Man, poor dear), much ero is ensured and new friends, angst and drama will probably follow. But so far there's only a prologue and the name of the first chapter (at least on my .doc file, you only get the prologue for now :P ), so come one, come all and feel more than invited to check it out and comment and all those wonderful things:

I intend to keep it flowing and totally unplanned For Great Surprises to all of us, so let us all hope the plot bunny takes us somewhere eventful :)

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