Tuesday, 14 June 2011


After much teasing, enter the brauri!

Brauronian is a conceptual mini-book centred around bears and rituals, which contains comics, illustration and sketches, plus a limited mini-print made specially for it. As most of my solo work, I went nuts with the little details as I like to create a full experience that starts with holding the bookling ^^

I was also incredibly lucky to have the most amazing guest artists (BlueVenom, Cerine and Belicosa) take part in it, to whom I am utterly grateful, as I think the book wouldn't be the same without them.

Thanks to the powers that be, all the books I had made sold out during Crack Bang Boom (thanks to all that got it! hope you liked it!), so it's off at the printer again ^^. For those living in Buenos Aires, there are big chances I'll be attending the Jornadas del Manga y el Anime in two weeks, so you can get it there. International orders will be open some days after that ^^.
As all of the things I self-publish, the run will remain very very small (I won't reprint it once it reaches 100, and the reserved list is kinda large already), so if anyone wants to pre-order it, just let me know.

I am really pleased with the way it came out (it's probably my favourite out of the zines I made), and I hope you enjoy it ^^

brauri in its envelope

brauri and stickers! (desert rose is invading it, tsk, tsk)

what you can find inside the envelope

inside brauri

Cerine and Belicosa *.*


BlueVenom *.*


brauri in its envelope


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Peach M said...

I would absolutely love to order one. What an awesome idea!!