Wednesday, 27 July 2011


copy+paste from dA, because I am sleep deprived and unable to keep a proper conversation, least a proper post:

hello, I still exist. have not replied to mails and stuff because I am busy. Have not had much of a social life nor updated many things here for the same reason.

but trust me, I still love you.

I always do :heart:


-coloured in photoshoppen, drawn with rotrings and some random pencil.
-cover for my webcomic's first arc, which is forcing me to use my server and will be a very sketchy, very random outlet in these busy times, least insanity reigns.

I am pretty sure insanity will reign anyway.

-the big rectangular shape in there is for the title and stuff, not just because I like rectangular shapes.

which I do.

even more than circles

far more.


Simplemente Lu said...

Nice!! Se ve menos creepy de algún modo!! Congrats en el trabajo terminado y en la rapidez!

derrewyn said...

gracias! :D Ahora hay que mantener el ritmo XDDDDDDD

Elysia said...

can't wait to see more! :D