Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rambling: Shopping spree

Today I went to look for a present for one of my friends. It was her birthday this week, so a gift was needed! She makes things in stained glass and is very artsy (she is also a make up artist and makes stages for theatre plays. She beats the hell out of me at multi-tasking o.o) , so one would think to go the art stuff way, considering, well, I also make artsy things, we can so bond over that!.

Can we?

The problem is our aesthetic sense is totally different. TOTALLY. As in opposing forces that hate each other guts sort of different and no way in hell we are going to like something the other likes. Bigger chances of us burning it at the shout of "Heresy!!!"

No art stuff, nonono.

So I went to the bookshop and got her a short stories collection (with one of my bookmarks ^^y hohoho, ninja-bookmark!). You can't mess up with short stories. She's bound to at least like one of them, and I am forcing her to read and making people read is good for their sake. Gain-gain situation. Aren't I the nicest person evah?

Of course, as I was there already, I also made myself a present and got a new astro-book for le collection. It was the cover. How could I refuse that cover? I must share!!

Lo and behold:

Naked old guy showing his manly attributes. And there is also a lion and a guy on his head. 

I don't know the author, but the content seemed ok and I think will come in handy when friends want an overview of their astro-stuff, in a "here, check this out as an introduction and let me be" way.

I also got this thingie (is a salt shaker), because it was flashy and I like how the two colours work together. Green and purple, mmh, sassy:

Expect some illustrations in these colours. Look at them. They scream "use me! use me!". Yes, they do. I know you can hear them.

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