Sunday, 13 May 2012

Autumn Haze

inspired by this damn gorgeous tree <3

picking colours ^^

done :D


Stanislav Koshak said...

I love this style, nice picture.
P.S.:Did you shot the photo last autumn, or older?
PPS: Why did you refused the green/turquoise spots? It was so calm, but very fresh. 2 mood.))

derrewyn said...

Thanks! I shot it days ago, on my way back from work (it's autumn in Buenos Aires right now ^^)
As for the change in colours (from the green-turquoise to keeping it all in warm tones), it was because the contrast was giving the illu a more spring-like vibe, which wasn't the idea.

Stanislav Koshak said...

Ohshhh, I didn't thought about the difference in climate ^_^""
P.S.:I have a spring right now, and i like your spring-version too!

Fuegos del Monte said...

Hola, queira saber si van a partisipar en el evento "Festival Increíble"

Como siempre, su travajo me encanta...

Atte: El Lobo.

derrewyn said...

No sabía nada del evento o.o

En el cronograma de este año por ahora sólo tenemos -además de las jornadas en el jardín japonés- a la Crack en Rosario.

Fuegos del Monte said...

Entonce las veo en el jardin japones con cinta escoch en los ojos para hacerme pasar por japones... :-p