Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crack Bang Boom 2012 -part 1-

So once again we went to Rosario to have a blast at le Crack, for great justice and all; and to promote the little monster of a project Miss Asphodel and myself have been working on these last few months (that being Gutter Glitter, in case it's not, like, totally obvious. To-taaaallyyy. ). Considering the monster is demanding, of course we were totally over worked and forgot half the things we wanted to take there.
Like the camera, for example. Would have loved to take my camera and be all in journalist mode, to show you all the wonders and artists and writers and sights that were going on. But aye, I forgot it, so you'll have to do with the few snaps of the stand that we managed to take with Lu's phone:

There's the first volume of Psycho-chan, which I've been spamming you with lately. The revised version will be out in about a month -with some corrections, some extras,  still psychopomping ^.^ 

we had so many things this year that we almost couldn't fit them into the stand :O
(we did try to spread into our neighbouring countries, but were stopped before doing so! the drama!)

 see! things! - btw, you can order most of them at info(at)gutterglitter(dot)net, where Miss Asphodel will answer all and any of your doubts. She's like an oracle, the oracle of pre-ordering! O_O.

the little cardlings-flyers we made for the con ^^ We wanted to test which one people would prefer because we couldn't agree on one -Lu prefers the one with all the little drawings and I prefer the one with the skull- in order to know which one to print from then on. 
People took both of them. All. the. time.

This means it's a tie and we'll have to remain being bipolar and printing both. "Gutter Glitter, a small press project with double personality"

- very true considering it also has Riot inside :O -

Anyway, we went there, and I had no camera nor could I go to any of the workshops considering I had to stay at the stand -_- (but I heard they were awesome! and as usual I stalked Alcatena because he's mah local artistic inspiration *.* All the others are far, far in other lands, so he gets all of my fangirling. And me shoving my books at him whenever I find him o.o. But he kept it! ^o^ Joy and happiness!). We did manage to meet with our friends from the land beyond the river (Pablo and Fiorella, who get easily drunk and also make this zine called "Fantastiche", of which I'll be making a review soon. I'll be making reviews of all the goodies we bought once I get my paws on them. Be afraid ^.^), I got to say hi to lots of people I hadn't seen in a looong time (for those that are around here since Midgar, there were three of us there! Great powers collide :O ), and had, all in all, three days and a half of constant fun.

Seriously, going to a con to have such a blast is a pleasure.

It was also the first convention where I am the only "in-house" artist in the team (in the land of Gutter, Lu writes, which means all the visual aspects are left on my controlling little claws), which was an awesome experience, and a great chance to see how people reacted to my work (and it was with love! I love you back for that! LOVELOVEFOREVAH!)

But all good things must come to an end, so here we are, back to Buenos Aires, lovely lovely Buenos Aires. Next con is Dibujados (14,15 and 16 of September. COME VISIT DAMMIT!), where we were allowed to take, well, everything we do (thankyouuuuu)

(must remember to take the camera next time X_X I need an assistant for this sort of stuff so badly)

And for those that already have le notebooks, take piccies with them! I want to see what you are drawing/writing in them! ( Meru started hers by forcing Francis Manapul to sketch on it. Beating her will be tough, my pretties O.O)


Fuegos del Monte said...

Bien!!! Gutter, tiene que tener una expancion Federal... Hay que hacer **BRILLAR** a toda la argentina. :-P

derrewyn said...

Brilla, brilla, estrelliiiiita XD