Saturday, 1 December 2012

December 1st World Aids Day

So, there we were, all ready to get into it. And I had to ask, of course, because there were no signs of him ever bringing the subject up.
"Do you have condoms?"
Sheepish grin. "No"
Serious grin. "I do"

Another guy, another time. Lovelust and all the flurry feelings.
Same situation.
Had to ask again.
"Do you have condoms?"
He was all puzzled and in the land of wonder "Aren't you on the pill?"

Internal self wanting to bring serious bodily harm. External self sighing.

Serious grin. "Get the one in my bag"


You know, I'm kind of a serious adult. I don't find sex that thrilling unless there's some sort of mystical connection/attraction going on, and as you can imagine, mystical connections don't happen often, so my sex life is not full of multiple partners or a long list of tales of debauchery.

So it annoys me to no end to have stories like the ones above to tell. If these cases had been few in a list of many, I would be able to go all "exception to the rule" and brush it off.

But it isn't so. The exceptions are the ones that do carry condoms with them and want to use them before they have to be told.

I talked about this with many of my female friends, hoping everything has to do with my bad taste in men or something, and they had similar stories to tell. If they hadn't said anything, the guys they had been with would have gone for it anyway, putting their faith in the totally-unable-to-do-a-thing-when-it-comes-to-stds Pill God.

Thus, I use this date to share. Hoping we can all become a little more responsible, a little more caring.

Small list of thingies, because I like lists ^^:

1. Information is your friend
2. Use condoms
3. Tell your partner to use condoms
4. Take condoms with you if you know you are going to get laid.
5. Tell your partner to use the ones you brought if he doesn't have any with him.
6. Pills ONLY prevent pregnancies.
7. Get tested for STDs periodically
8. Enjoy yourself ^^

Extra information:
In Spanish:
Fundación Huesped 
Uso del preservativo

In English
Information and Ways to Help

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