Wednesday, 16 January 2013

More about the Open Call/Más sobre la convocatoria

Aclaración sobre la convocatoria abierta para Psychopomp II, en base a preguntas que estuvimos recibiendo: 

1. Blanco y negro significa que se pueden usar todos los grises que quieran. 

2. El material puede ser visualmente explícito (o no, no es un factor determinante) 

3. No nos importan los géneros de los personajes involucrados o sus orientaciones sexuales. Nos importan las historias a nivel argumento y construcción y cuán estéticamente interesantes sean las ilustraciones.

Si alguien tiene más preguntas, estoy acá para responderlas

Further data on the open call for Psychopomp II, based on questions we've been receiving these days:

1. Black and white means that you can use all the grey shades of the grey-rainbow as well. "black-as many grey shades as you wish-white"

2. The material can be sexually explicit, or not. This is not a determining factor  (meaning you can draw people having sex, and their sexual organs, without a need to censor them. Bear in mind that this is an erotica anthology, not a porn magazine, so if your story is nothing but a bunch of close ups of penises and vaginas and "yes, harder, harder!" lines, it's very likely to be refused and not included.). 

3. We don't care about the gender of the characters nor about their sexual orientation. We care about the plot of the stories and how well-written they are; and how aesthetically interesting the illustrations are.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask ^^

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