Tuesday, 26 January 2010

WIP: A pirate's life for me!

a fourth of my art trade with rollingcherry at dA. Yes. a fourth. the composition is large this time, lo and behold!


un cuarto de mi art trade con rollingcherry en dA.Si, un cuarto. La composicion es grande esta vez :)


The Bad Wench:

Madame Pirate. She is mean, has a temper and is a closet family-person. She is also a necromancer, and quite a good one as it is. She has the bad habit of supressing her maternal urges towards her crew, a feeling that comes out full force when they die and she finds herself unable to let them go.

Necromancy comes awfully handy when that happens.

She doesn't hold to her word as much as Monsieur Pirate does, but being secretely traditional, she found it completely proper that he should take responsibility for having both deflowered her and married her on one go during her drunken stupor.

According to her, all female pirates should keep their Virtue, as men are a curse on earth (a thought pattern she developed when she started to notice all men ran away from her and her zombie-crew-family on sight). Marriage hasn't made her change her mind.

She also cheats at cards.